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4 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Cordless Curling Iron Admin

    Interested in replacing my old Braun and Conair butane cordless curling brushes. I like to use just the curling brush only, so I need either a cordless curling brush or cordless curling iron with a brush attachment. Do you know where I might be able to purchase one?

    1. Cordless Curling Iron Admin

      I am in the same boat – ever since they made the fuel cells outrageously expensive for my Braun Independent I have been looking for a new brand.

      Any Ideas?

  2. Cordless Curling Iron Admin
    Ronelle Macaulay

    Hello I am looking for a gas cartridge hair tong. I have no idea which to purchase can you give me an idea of which is most suitable for my age and hair type. I am 69 with fine quality hair however I have plenty of hair and it is not coloured. I have very little grey so its still mid brown. My hair is moderately short and layered, I do have an excessively dry scalp however my actual hair is quite normal and shiny. I don’t want tight little curls nor do I want big loose curls. The curl will drop very quickly in damp weather. I like to style it with a medium to slightly smaller tong. What size barrel would you suggest? What is the difference between a ceramic coated barrel and other sorts. I need this for travelling where there is no 240 volt power and we have to rely on 12volt power. I live in Western Australia. With thanks Ronelle. ( If you publish my request please use the name Rona)

  3. Cordless Curling Iron Admin

    I am looking for a cordless curling iron but with a one half inch barrell. If you have such then please advise. Also, I would pay for post office shipping if you can ship to me in British Columbia, Canada. Postal code V3L 1X9.

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