Braun Cordless Curling Iron: Quick Fix up Anytime

By | July 7, 2013
BRAUN Cordlless curling iron
BRAUN GCC3 Curl’n Go Cordlless curling iron

You can style your hair anywhere and anytime with super efficient BRAUN Cordless Curling Iron. The compact size allows you to carry this tool in your bag. The girls who plan to go out after work, they can easily style up with this cordless curling tongs. The tong heats up rapidly and makes you look stunning within few minutes. If you plan to go somewhere after the gym, your hair may look lifeless. Use BRAUN curler to add remarkable volume and beautiful curls to your dead hair. If you are late for work and you want to appear fresh and presentable, this cordless iron will let you create waves and curls within few seconds. You can use this tool in your car without any cord, battery or electrical adapter. You will look so fresh and stylish that anyone could hardly imagine you just rolled out of bed.

It is very simple to operate this curling tool. All you need to do is to click it on and wait for a minute so that it heats up. Style your hair in the way you like and click it off. Put the hot iron in the heat resistant pouch and throw it back into your bag. Now you are ready to go anywhere. You can look perfect and stunning with BRAUN heating tools.

The curling iron is one of the best equipment for traveling. No jumbling or mess due to cords, batteries and plugs. If you are traveling abroad, you don’t need to worry about plugs and power outlets. Braun curling tools are utilized by professional hairstylists and well known salons. The tools deliver great and long lasting results. However, the curling iron is not intended to use as a straightener, but it works extremely well.

Braun Cordless Curling Iron Features:

BRAUN is a reputable and recognized brand. It is popular for producing best styling tools. It manufactures high quality cordless curling tongs. The product features include:

  • The design features ceramic barrels about 7/8 inch in size.
  • It allows gentle and smooth styling due to its large size.
  • It comes with quick heat up time.
  • The iron heats up within 60 seconds providing convenient styling to the customers.
  • It provides a heat resistant pouch so that you can place the hot iron safely, when you are outside.
  • The design features cordless styler that boost shine and volume.
  • It also incorporates a brush for easy styling and long handle which comes along with energy level indicator.
  • Instead of using batteries and electrical adapters, the curling iron uses one energy cell that lasts approximately for 11 weeks.
  • It is easy to use and portable.
  • The packet of 6 energy cells is also available that last for the entire year.
  • The cartridges used for curling irons are C205, C20 and GCC90.

Braun Cordless Curling Iron is a must-to-have tool for working or career oriented women. It is convenient to operate and always helps you to look confident and best. Build good impression on others with your secret weapon. Always have this styling iron right in your purse.

1984 - Braun Cordless Hair Curler - The Independent (Better Quality)

4 thoughts on “Braun Cordless Curling Iron: Quick Fix up Anytime

  1. Alida RhyneTheresa

    Where do I get butane refills for my Braun cordless curling iron

    1. Alida RhyneCarol Gillenwater

      I am looking for refill cartridges for your cordless hair curler, model 8.28A.

  2. Alida RhyneVicky Sakkioti

    How can I replace the new butane bottle? Can you tell me I have lost the instructions I have new refills! Thank you

  3. Alida RhyneEva McPhail

    My husband cannot get the cartridges to work in my curling iron. I love the use of the cordless curling iron and have some cartridges for it. Is there someway to clean it or what to enable the cartridges & the iron to function properly again? Thank you for your assistance.


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