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This website, cordlesscurlingiron.net, is dedicated to providing quality information on the subject of cordless curling irons. These hair tongs are great when you are on the go, and want to be free from dealing with electric plugs et al

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2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Cordless Curling Iron Admin

    looks nice, but I prefer the karmin g3 clipless, it’s my favorite, makes awesome curls and waves. 😀

  2. Cordless Curling Iron Admin
    Patricia Highberg

    I have an old Braun curling iron that takes CT2 cartridges . I cannot find them anymore except for huge price over $150 each. I ordered in error EnRgy Liquid refills 2 x 25ml/14g Butane. Indicates fits Braun Cordless stylers “Guaranteed.” Do you sell curling irons that would fit these? I think its time to replace my old curling iron. If not suggestions, PLEASE

    Patsy Highberg

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