Cordless Curling Irons – Get Rid of Power Outlets and Dead Batteries

You no longer need an electrical vent to get great looking curled hair. With portable Cordless Curling Irons, you don’t have to wait around for plugs, batteries or cords. Whether you are at home or office, or even in the deep woods, you can style your hair with these efficient cordless hair tongs. It is basically a tool which is used to alter your hair structure with the help of thermal energy. Hair irons or tongs come in various forms including crimping irons, straightening irons and curling irons. As it is obvious from the name, crimping irons are utilized to make crimps in the hair, while flat irons used to straighten your hair structure.

Cordless curling iron
Cordless curling iron example

Curling hair is always considered as the time consuming and challenging task. But curled hair looks beautiful and adds significant charm to your personality. Cordless curling tongs are usually made up of butane. This butane gas tongs incorporates tourmaline ceramic plates. The purpose of using ceramic plates is to develop ionic charges that smooths and softens your hair cuticle to boost shine and volume. Brush attachments are also available with these styling irons. These tongs are compact and easy to carry anywhere because the curling barrel easily detaches from the butane cartridge. This feature allows you to take this remarkable cordless curler on every trip.

Butane gas iron quickly heats up so that you can style a lot of hair in an effective manner. The best feature of curling irons is that they can be used as flat irons. You just need to hold your hair with the hot iron and gradually slide it down the hair length.

Braun Cordless Curling Iron
Nice effects of a curling iron

The brush attachments allow you to develop large and loose curls, which look extremely beautiful. The drawback that you may come across while using these cordless curling tongs, they usually do not include adjustable heat settings. In order to minimize damage or burning risks, leave your hair on the iron until your hair get hot.


  • These curling tongs completely eradicates the need of electrical outlets.
  • Whenever you are traveling abroad or planning vacations, you don’t need to carry electrical adapters along with your stuff.
  • Butane gas curling irons are available in variety of designs and sizes to meet your requirements.
  • To satisfy your styling needs, Gas tongs are designed with different sized barrels including ¾ inch, 5/8 inch, ½ inch and 1 inch.
  • The barrel length is shorter than the typical curling tongs that makes your curling irons compact and portable.
  • These hair styling tools are extremely affordable.

There are number of brands producing high quality cordless curling irons, including:

  • Conair Cordless Curling Iron ¾ inch Portable Travel
  • ThermaCELL Cordless Curling Irons
  • BARBAR 1900 Cordless Flat Irons and Curling Irons Combo
  • BRAUN Volume Curls Cordless Curling Irons
  • CHI Velocity 4 in 1 Hairstyling Flat and Curling Irons

With Cordless Curling Irons you can look stunning and beautiful anywhere in the world. For best results, purchase curling irons from reputable brands that are mentioned above. Enjoy great looking hair!

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    bought a pink one for my car.worked fine for 3 years and then the on off button wouldn’t work. bought the same pink iron and it lasted 2 months with the same problems

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